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Corrugated fiberboard is a durable, flexible and economical material that is ideal for small packages. Packaging in corrugated fiberboard is very attractive from a marketing point of view. On these packages, it is possible to place any graphics that the customer needs, including your company’s logo, advertising slogan or product description. We offer small, corrugated fiberboard boxes for cosmetics, medicine and the hemp industry.


We offer corrugated fiberboard boxes/packages with color print using the digital printing method on materials with a grammage of 260-290 g/m2. We help adjust the size and shape of the package to your specific product, and then we print and glue boxes. We also have a base of ready-made banking dies, so you can save a lot of time and cost in not making a new one.


MD labels offers professional and complex box finishing through various techniques. It gives the products a look and touch. We offer various types of print refinement, such as: lamination, gilding or spot varnishing. We apply glittery and selective 3D soft touch foil and varnishes. The refinement options listed above can be combined in order to create a fully personalized surface that meets the customer’s needs. The chosen refinements will ensure a beautiful appearance as well as secure print.

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